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A drive through the highway roads of Hana can be an exquisite journey reviving the beauty of nature. One would feel that he is the only person within the miles as cars and other vehicles may occasionally pass by him. Road to Hana is one of the most beautiful places and tourist attraction of Maui. Going through the road, one can easily understand that  the agriculture is the main lifestyle of  local people. They have pine apple fields, taro fields of Keanae and other starchy vegetables planted. The lush green forests with exotic flora and other rich varieties of fruits offer great pleasure to the human eyes. Nature can be enjoyed at its best in this drive.

The density of tropical forest makes the road trip so adventurous. The 52 miles long road way is in extreme good condition which provides the alternative to Old King's trail that had been the island's main path for many years. The trip may take 2 hours for a complete travel and kindly try not to hit the frogs if it is raining. The road has got so many sharp curves and one-lane bridges so you need to drive carefully. Some of the oldest churches can be seen during the drive. The best of all exotic experiences can be enjoyed  by the presence of waterfalls and water pools on the road sides. Taking a short drive to Wainapanapa State park can be worthy. You can spend some time in exploring the black sand beach. The beach has very powerful currents and only experienced swimmers are allowed to swim here.

Resting areas can be found only at some distances from the road. There are umpteen numbers of spots to stop by and click the cameras. There can be lot more fruit vendors and other business men selling goods on the sides. Taking their help could be worthy to know more about active spots on the roadway to Hana. The town can be reached in just 2 hours of driving. The town is filled with tourists and other nature lovers. The magnificent resorts, restaurants and other hotels may offer the best of views of the beautiful island.  The lush green atmosphere sets the platform for maximum enjoyment.

Another famous destination down the town is Oheo Gulch which tourists should not miss and it may take another 45 minutes drive to the sleepy little town. It has large number of pools where swimming is allowed if it's not raining. There are lots of National parks and the waterfalls which are famous worldwide.  The waterfalls, vegetation, eucalyptus groves and the bamboo stretch will definitely adds great pleasure to your journey .

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Maui Road to Hana

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This article was published on 2010/03/30