Planning a perfect road trip

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Starting your road trip planning and holiday planning is exciting, road trips are a fun adventurous way to see beautiful scenery with plenty of activities and experiences to do along the way. This road trip planning and driving guide will give you ideas and tips for greater vacation.


Accommodation – Should It Be Booked Ahead?

An important part of road trip planning is finding accommodation. Generally it's better not to book your accommodation too far ahead and of course this depends on your style of road trip. When you have mapped out the road trip route you will know what town you are going to visit and stay overnight or longer.


What can happen is that you will find some places are far more interesting than you thought they were going to be and the opposite will happen at other places and be disappointing. So if you have booked for a week ahead and when you arrive you may only want to stay for 2 nights – then you would have to cancel part of the booking.


Some towns or locations maybe extremely busy during school holidays particularly coastal towns and if there is a special event on for a weekend. In this case you may have to book accommodation well ahead or stay elsewhere. These tips are a few options for booking.


In The Car – Keep Comfortable

When everyone in the car or vehicle is comfortable your road trip will be a lot smoother. Try to keep the clutter to a minimum and have a rubbish bag handy. For the kids hang backpacks on to the back of the front seats for books, snacks, toys etc.


There are plenty of in car entertainment from car DVD Australia available with music, audio books, videos and playing car games. To get you in the road trip mood there are also plenty of songs and movies played by the car DVD player for all ages. Besides, for a bit of comfort a pillow is handy, it can be sat on if it is not needed for sleeping.


Take the opportunity to get out of the car to stretch and walk around, every hour or two if possible. Take the opportunity to stop at a special attraction, landmark or waterway rather than just a wayside stop.


Everyone will be much happier – no whining when they can't move for junk and it won't spill out onto the ground when the door is open, when they get bored for long driving, or when the kids are crying.


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Planning a perfect road trip

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This article was published on 2011/08/10