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Despite a little state, Victoria is a possible heap in term of road trips which are close enough to the city to make no added expense of putting an extra person on your car insurance. You can hit the beautiful eucalypt-dominated Victorian bush in a two hours driving to your destination. You can take just for a few hours a day driving,  you'll be somewhere fascinating before you know it . The following article gives  some information about the top 6 Victorian road trip destinations supporting your decision.


Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is mostly famous as home to the 12 Apostles (now more like the 7 or 8 Apostles, due to erosion and collapse). However the region has so much more to offer than a single viewing site. The Great Ocean Road itself stretches for hundreds of kilometres, with Portland and Port Fairy some of the most distant towns. There is plenty of fine dining, golf, surfing, ocean sports and wildlife to see along the entire length, though.


Phillip Island

Philip Island is not far from Melbourne, and has beautiful beaches, a surprising number of world-class restaurants... and fairy penguins! Road trips to Philip Island can be comfortably made in just a weekend.



Mildura is a farming oasis in the middle of some of Victoria's most arid country. If you are really looking to get away from Melbourne, Mildura is about as far as you can possibly go! The area has hiking and camping opportunities, wine tasting and plenty of river activities, as it is located n the banks of the Murray River.


Gippsland Lakes

The Gippsland Lakes are actually Australia's largest expanse of inland waterways. Gippsland, the area, stretches across the entire south-eastern stretch of Victoria, from Melbourne to Mallacoota. Watersports is the main activity throughout the Gippsland Lakes... if the Yarra just doesn't inspire you, Lakes Entrance or Metung certainly will!



Mallacoota is the most north-eastern town in Victoria, and other than Mildura, one of the furthest holiday destinations from Melbourne for those that want to remain within the state. Mallacoota has Victoria's warmest winter temperatures, despite being located on some of the most gorgeous Victorian coastline. Fishing, canoeing and hiking are all popular around Mallacoota.


You Yangs

The You Yangs ranges are an extinct volcanic range in Werribee, in the south-west of Melbourne. There are plenty of picnicking and BBQ options, but you will need to arrange your own accommodation - camping is not permitted within the You Yangs park. If you walk to Flinders Peak, the highest point of the You Yangs, you'll be able to see Melbourne city as well as Corio Bay on a clear day.


Victoria may be one of Australia's smallest states, but it is certainly packed with plenty of road trip opportunities! You don't have to go far from Melbourne to find total refreshment and relaxation... but make sure you update your car insurance so that the dream trip you plan leaves only happy memories.


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Road Trip Destinations In Victoria

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