The Most Beautiful Road

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The Most Beutiful Road

The employee was returning home after the tiresome work of the day.

He was vexed with the road conditionings,noise,trffic jam and constant state of fear.

Reaching home while relaxing he thought of a beautiful road for himself.

He thought of a road where there will be no noise,fear,anxiety and traffic jam.


Through out his life he has travelled  on many roads,but no road has brought him permenent peace and happiness.

In the night with the star filled sky,fullmoon and the beautiful and silent nature he discovered a road for himself.

He realised that in each individual there is a road inside and travelling on the road gives much pleasure.

That is the most beautiful road in  his life which he had imagined for himself.


He travelled on that road free of worries and anxieties with peace and happiness.

The road was very beautiful with all the beauties of the universe.

Slowly,silently and steadily he walked on the road which gave him considerable strength of mind.

He heard many beautiful musics while walking on such a marvellous road.


The journey was fantastic,which took away all his mental anguish,frustration and despair.

He was able to firmly walk on the road with utmost faith and confidence.

While travelling on that road he imagined a glorious future for himself and his family.

He saw only success in each turning of the road and was overjoyed with the infinite treasure of the universe.


Slowly he forgot himself and was lost in peace and serenity in the silent slumber of the night.

The morning came with invigorating freshness full of faith,strength and courage.

He started his day's work with lot of peace and happiness and the noise of outside road could not bother him a bit.

Since that day whenever he was feeling any difficulty on the outside road he was walking on the inside road and knowing many secrets of life.


We have become tired of  walking  on so many roads.

Now the time has come to look in to the road inside of us.

There we will find much pleasure  and drive peacefully with fresh endeavour at each moment.

Walking on the road will never tire us and we will work smilingly,enthusistically and perfectly.


Each of us should choose that road so as to drive out business and worriness of travelling on the road outside.

Life will become much more beautiful by travelling on the most beautiful road of the world.

We will be able to have a perfect thinking and can find astounding success in our life.

This road is the real road of life and we should know how to walk on this road.


The traveller was enchanted by the glory and success which he got by travelling on the inside road.

He mastered the art of travelling on the inside road and saw the whole universe beautifully manifested.

He never forgot the road and while walking on the road he was forgetting all the sorrows of life.

Walking on the inside road he matered the art of walking on the outside road.


He worked perfectly,with courage and confidence and life became a success.

The inside road was full of positive attributes which made him forget the agony of the journey on the outside road.

He was always hopeful for a better future and looking forward, he only saw peace and happiness.

He brought much glory to himself,his organisation,family and society.

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The Most Beautiful Road

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This article was published on 2010/10/29