The Road to Nowhere

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If you're an experienced professional driver heading down the road to retirement, you better check your GPS to make sure you're not on a road to nowhere. As if the daily grind of driving isn't hard enough, we are now faced with a global recession that is eating away our retirement savings. Between the daily struggle to find loads, to pay bills, and to maintain our health, we already have enough on our plates before we have to worry about what happens when we retire.

For the most part, everybody started driving professionally for one main reason-we loved the freedom of the open road. The power of barreling down the highway in a big rig and being paid to do it is just something that some people really enjoy. But drivers who have been on the road for an extended amount of time are starting to feel something different. Driving professionally is a very difficult livelihood which happens to be getting even harder.

Even apart from the financial considerations, professional driving takes its biggest toll in the area of physical health. The debilitating effects of spending long hours in a rig pounding out miles over an open highway compound with age and experience. Granted, we all knew this when we started driving, but the longer you drive the greater the impact.

More and more drivers are starting to seek alternative careers as they come to the realization that they may well be on the road to nowhere. A solution that seems to be working for these people is to launch an Internet marketing business that can be run literally from anywhere. As long as the business owner has a laptop and an Internet connection, they are at work and able to make money.

Online network marketing is recession proof and in fact quite lucrative. Many first-year operators make well into the six figures working far less hours than they do driving. Even for someone with little computer or Internet experience, online opportunities exist that offer turnkey solutions for Internet businesses. In addition to providing a systematic approach to the business itself, these opportunities also include training and support of the beginning entrepreneur.

If you are a professional driver and feel like you are traveling the road to nowhere, it is time to step up, take action, and move in an entirely new direction. Particularly if retirement is approaching rapidly, think about launching an online enterprise and creating the future that you deserve.

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The Road to Nowhere

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This article was published on 2010/04/03